RTL-SDR dongle v.3 modification

If you are interested in building the multi-channel coherent receiver yourself, we explain the necessary steps in this guide, how to add support of the common clock to the RTL-SDR dongle v.3. Please note, that this tutorial is for advanced users; we take no responsibility or liability, so far as legally possible, for any damages including, but not limited to indirect or consequential damages or the loss of warranty.

Open the metal case.

Remove TCXO and add resistor 1.2K, 0603.

Solder the Straight Male Header Connector at the back of the board

Connect the HF Adapter and the Pigtail

Repeat the steps above for other Single Channel Receivers

Please use Electromagnetic Shielding Cage to reduce the noise and interferences

Connect additional single channel receivers using pigtails to the clock card.