Antenna Switch Card

Antenna Switch Card is designed to switch the antenna input of the single receiver to the different sources, e.g. noise source or the RF signal from the LNA, using I2C control commands (electronic high speed switching).


  • LNA,
  • – 3dB attenuator,
  • FET SPDT Switch,
  • I2C Control.

Technical Characteristics

  • Supply Voltage +3,3…5V
  • Supply Current 35/60mA
  • Gain 15…23 dB
  • Noise Figure 0,7…0,8 dB
  • IP3 > 31 dBm
  • Rinput /Routput =50 Ohm
  • Control voltage: Vlow = 0 to 0,2V; Vhigh = 3 to 5V

Flexible Antenna Switching Arrays

Single antenna switches can be connected together in order to build flexbible antenna switching arrays.