Coherent Receivers

CR0x is an N-channel scalable coherent receiver that employs the RTL-SDR technology in order to create inexpensive multi-channel receiving systems. Reconfigurable design techniques deliver high system performance, flexibility and small board space requirements. All these factors enable the use of the CR0x in many new, previously unavailable application scenarios, e.g. radiolocation and Earth exploration, direction finding or bandwidth aggregation. Just imagine: you can build an antenna array with 1000 single channel receivers.

Unique selling points of this receiver are:

  • Unlimited number of channels
  • Identical form factor
  • Flexible and open hardware extension interfaces (I2C)
  • Active support from hardware developers
  • Open source software

Channel Receivers and Shields

Every coherent receiver has an integrated extension card that provides flexible and expandable connectivity for specific applications.

This hardware interface is publicly released enabling you to develop custom solutions or utilize cards from external providers as well. Moreover, all of our cards have the same form factor, which simplifies integration, installation and roll-out. We provide the certification plans which enable external providers to develop portable solutions for the complete production line of coherent receivers based on the RTL-SDR technology.

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