Unlimited Number of Channels

We offer different models of multi-channel coherent transceivers to meet your requirements. This realization of the single channel transceiver is based on the ADALM-PLUTO SDR from Analog Devices. We plan to add support of other single channel transceivers in the future. All our models have been designed to be as flexible as possible using integrative construction components, thereby, a configuration change of the whole system (e.g. number of channels, addition of different filters, converters etc.) easily possible. Every coherent transceiver has an integrated extension card that provides flexible and expandable connectivity for specific applications.

Moreover, we provide different types of extension cards for the ADALM-PLUTO SDR. These cards either enhance the characteristics of the single channel receiver (e.g. Filter or Band Extensions), or are used as building blocks to construct the coherent receivers/transceiver (e.g. Clock or Expansion Cards).

The TR0xs are available in varied configurations. The figure below presents the sample configurations for the implementation of the coherent transceiver up to 10 channels using the PLUTO-SDR radio module and the CLK_CARD10 (Universal Clock Card). The clock card supports two operational modes:

  • synchronisation from an external source, e.g. 10 MHz
  • synchronisation from an internal source, e.g. standard TCXO 10/28.8/40 MHz

Pluto-SDR modification



  • ADC Resolution: 12 bit
  • Clock: 40 MHz
  • Temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO) : available  on request.
  • Female antenna port : SMA
  • Tuner: 325 MHz – 3800 MHz (70 MHz – 6000 MHz out of spec)
  • Operation temperature: -10 to 60 ˚C
  • USB 2.0 interface; USB powered
  • GNU Radio and MATLAB integration