1 Supervisory and 8 Coherent Channels

The Medium Level Receiver is based on the СLK_Card and EXP-Card (see block diagram). Sharing these cards allows the building of structures with up to 10 channels: 8 channels are identically synchronised by the buffer clock 5PB1104 (CLK_Card and EXP_Card), and 2 channels are synchronised directly by the TCXO 28.8. Note: the 10th channel is not shown on the diagram, but it is used as the power source for the EXP-Card. The 1st and 10th channel can be used in conjuction with channels 2…9 as coherent channels or remain independent (supervisory channels) for bandwidth monitoring or external management, e.g. I2C.

  • ADC Resolution: 8 bit
  • Clock: 28.8 MHz
  • Temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO) : 2 PPM (2 PPM initial offset, 0.5-1 PPM temperature drift). Higher precision, e.g. 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 ppm, available  on request.
  • Female antenna port : SMA
  • R820T2 tuner: 24 MHz – 1766 MHz (direct sampling with lower frequencies possible)
  • Operation temperature: -10 to 60 ˚C
  • USB powered bias tee: 4,5V
  • Noise figure: 3.5 dB @ RF_IN
  • Noise floor: –60 dBm
  • Dimensions (RTL-SDR, CLK_CARD, EXP_CARD): 67 x 25 x 6 mm

Example of Medium Level Receiver with Antenne Switch Array and Noise Generator

8 channels receiver based on CLK_Card10 (ESP32-version)

This Medium Level Receiver is based on the СLK_Card (ESP32 edition) without clock expansion cards. CLK_Card (ESP32 edition) supports internal and external clock input with a software configurable clock frequency. Therefore, this receiver is not restricted to RTL-SDR and can be assembled with any other SDR supporting the external clock input.

Noise generator card, noise generator expansion cards and antenna switches are managed from ESP32 (we provide a simple demo with an internal http server showing the necessary functionality). This configuration can be used without noise expansion card; the required synchronisation signals can be provided from the existing transceiver, e.g. Pluto SDR.

This medium level receiver can be easily extended with 8 additional or more channels.