Coherent Receivers

We offer different models of multi-channel coherent receivers to meet your requirements. The main characteristics of the coherent receivers are described in the section “Coherent Receivers”. The current realization of the single channel receiver is based on the RTL2832U/R820T2 chips. We plan to add support of other single channel receivers in the future.

All our models have been designed to be as flexible as possible using integrative construction components, thereby, a configuration change of the whole system (e.g. number of channels, addition of different filters, converters etc.) easily possible.

The problem of the integrative components is more important when the system supports N-channel architecture and when it is necessary to add N-filters or N-amplifiers during the configuration change. The usage of non-integrative components leads to unnecessary connection cables, additional PCBs, etc.

Extension Cards

We offer different types of extension cards (or RTL2832U-shields). These cards either enhance the characteristics of the single channel receiver (e.g. Filter or Band Extensions), or are used as building blocks to construct the coherent receivers (e.g. Clock or Expansion Cards). Please refer to the section Channel Receivers and Shields for more information.


Our receivers are not closed systems. We offer the documentation and provide the description of how to build the coherent receiver using the RTL-SDR v.3 dongle. All necessary components for this purpose can be found in the section Accessories.